Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yesterday's Photoshoot Preview

A photo from yesterday's Photoshoot. I love the pic in black and white so chic. Although they made my skin really dark and I don't really know why

Monday, March 24, 2014

My London Look

Hey Guys, this is what i'm wearing while spending time out and about in London today. The coat is in one of my favorite winter (well right now is technically early spring) hues, Lilac. The blouse is just a RALPH LAUREN oxford shirt and the leather jeans are TOPSHOP. The heels are SAINT LAURENT and the bag is a BALENCIAGA bowling bag. Please Comment what you think. KISSES, CHARLIE


Hey Guys, I arrived in London a few hours ago and I am so excited. I am here for a few photoshoots but those arent scheduled until tomorrow and Thursday. London is one of my favorite cities in the world, so I am spending my time being touristy and seeing a ton of landmarks. KISSES, CHARLIE

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Midi/Tea Skirt Tips

One of this springs trends is midi or tea length skirts and dresses. I for one can't wait to give it a try. Here are some tips and tricks for pulling off this difficult look.

-The best way to create a long leg line is to wear flesh colored shoes. Whether they're sandals, pumps, wedges, or flats, this creates a longer line of your leg. So when wearing a midi skirt and you want the extra leg length illusion, go for a nude colored shoe. 
 -Another trick is to tuck your top into the skirt. This creates an extra long leg line (from your natural waist to your toes), and makes the smaller section of exposed leg less prominent. 
-If nude heels aren't in your closet, or they don't work with your particular midi skirt, not to worry. You can also try super tall heels An extra three or four inches makes a big difference.
 -If you want to go with flats, go for a pair that is lightly colored and pointed. This helps to elongate the leg line, even though you have no lift in your heel. 
-Another trick is to throw on a jacket to draw some focus up there, and away from your shortened leg line. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Chanel Collection

My Perfumes

                                                  MY PERFUME COLLECTION

Jumpsuit Tips


I am personally loving the jumpsuit look and can't wait to try it out this spring! While we are all waiting breathlessly for the air to get warmer here are some tips to look forward to.

-Pair it with a jacket, it will keep you warm on those cooler days and is easy to pull of it you don't usually wear jumpsuits
-Avoid any pinstripe patterns it will look like your wearing a tuxedo
-Go all Black, it's a chic look and easy to pull off. Now in talking everything jumpsuit, jacket, heels and bag black! Plus remember black is a really slimming color.
-Avoid the 2nd skin look. Besides the fact that this is a catsuit not a jumpsuit, it's just a camel-toe waiting to happen.
-Try a loose cut. If you are a more curvy girl, think Kim Kardashian, try to look for a looser more flowy fit. Draping is very flattering when done right.
-Try to Dress is up. Wear it with a nice pair of heels and a statement necklace to a party or even look for a bedazzled one. Find one in a fabric like silk or satin if your going to dress it up.


Can I just talk about winter for a second. Winter is pissing me off. Every night before I go to bed I try to figure out an outfit to wear and lately I've picked out 2. One warm one and one for a cooler day. Every morning I climb out of bed and pick up my phone to check the weather, and every morning I feel like I want to throw my phone across my bedroom and out the window. Because it's not getting warmer. It wasn't 2 years ago that every time you turned on the news someone was talking about global warming and how the earth is heating up and the winters are getting warmer. Where the hell is global warming now. I don't think I have ever had to wear my thick warm winter coat in March and I am now wearing it everyday. I have to wear thick gloves and sometimes a beanie. I just want to wear shorts and tshirts or atleast a jacket that doesn't weigh 20 pounds. So dear god in heaven above please send us warm weather soon because I JUST CANT HANDLE IT ANYMORE!!!!

Spring Trend:Orange

 ORANGE: Wear it with...
-Yellow - A color combo that works for anything the beach, the mall, the movies
-A Denim Jacket - Makes the color truly pop, try it with a orange dress for a cute summer look
-White - Best idea- it works like magic and creates a very put together look
-Blue - A Navy Hue looks the best and is the easiest to pull off. Try a sundress that includes them both. If he really want to take a risk you can try a royal blue tone but remember Moderation is key and be careful these two can sometimes look tacky together

Orange is often a very bright hue and can grab a lot of attention. If that's what you like or what your going for then it's time to give that credit card a workout. If not you can try a more brownish orange. It's not as bright, still follows the trend and you can still use the same tips I listed above

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Trend:Crop Tops

CROP TOPS: Wear it with...
-A Skirt - A-line or Circle work the best
-A tight or thin top - take advantage of many loose fitting styles by draping it over a tight or thin top or even a dress for a layered look.
-A Men's Cut blazer - This style is all about balancing proportions. An oversized blazer, especially in a chic pattern, de-emphasizes the waist and creates a slimmng frame.
-Under a sheer blouse - Probably the easiest way to wear a crop top.

When sitting down, no matter how skinny you are, it's going to seem that you have a muffin top. So if you know you are going to be sitting for most of the time you are wearing it wear a tank underneath, just to play it safe.

Wearing a Maxi-Skirt


Wearing a maxi-skirt is all about proportions and structure. If you overdue it you can either appear boxy or can risk the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction because if that blasted thing called wind.

-If your going to try a flowy style then try to pair it with a boxy sweater or top. (as shown in photo) It's the same if your going to wear a boxy or tight fitting style skirt, pair it with a flowy top or tank.
-Since maxi-skirts can make you appear short I recommend  bringing some band-aids with you and strapping on those heels. They don't need to be anything fancy, simple nude or black would work fine. Just remember the #1 RULE to wearing heels. NEVER WEAR A PAIR OF HEELS THAT YOU AREN'T COMFORTABLE IN! If you feel like your going to trip then you probably will and nothing is worse than the feeling of public embarrassment

Camo and Leather Look


 How to Rock a Camo and Leather Look:
To create an edgy ensemble you can easily combine to tomboyish pieces. In this case a Leather Jacket and a Mini Denim skirt in a Blue Camoflauge Pattern.

-To add a girly flare you can pair them with a blouse and a medium tote. Or even some cute strappy heels
-If you want to just go straight edgy you can stick with the leather scheme and pair it with a black leather bag (try a quilted shoulder) and some black leather ankle booties