Sunday, March 23, 2014

Midi/Tea Skirt Tips

One of this springs trends is midi or tea length skirts and dresses. I for one can't wait to give it a try. Here are some tips and tricks for pulling off this difficult look.

-The best way to create a long leg line is to wear flesh colored shoes. Whether they're sandals, pumps, wedges, or flats, this creates a longer line of your leg. So when wearing a midi skirt and you want the extra leg length illusion, go for a nude colored shoe. 
 -Another trick is to tuck your top into the skirt. This creates an extra long leg line (from your natural waist to your toes), and makes the smaller section of exposed leg less prominent. 
-If nude heels aren't in your closet, or they don't work with your particular midi skirt, not to worry. You can also try super tall heels An extra three or four inches makes a big difference.
 -If you want to go with flats, go for a pair that is lightly colored and pointed. This helps to elongate the leg line, even though you have no lift in your heel. 
-Another trick is to throw on a jacket to draw some focus up there, and away from your shortened leg line. 

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