Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Trend:Orange

 ORANGE: Wear it with...
-Yellow - A color combo that works for anything the beach, the mall, the movies
-A Denim Jacket - Makes the color truly pop, try it with a orange dress for a cute summer look
-White - Best idea- it works like magic and creates a very put together look
-Blue - A Navy Hue looks the best and is the easiest to pull off. Try a sundress that includes them both. If he really want to take a risk you can try a royal blue tone but remember Moderation is key and be careful these two can sometimes look tacky together

Orange is often a very bright hue and can grab a lot of attention. If that's what you like or what your going for then it's time to give that credit card a workout. If not you can try a more brownish orange. It's not as bright, still follows the trend and you can still use the same tips I listed above

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