Friday, March 21, 2014

Wearing a Maxi-Skirt


Wearing a maxi-skirt is all about proportions and structure. If you overdue it you can either appear boxy or can risk the embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction because if that blasted thing called wind.

-If your going to try a flowy style then try to pair it with a boxy sweater or top. (as shown in photo) It's the same if your going to wear a boxy or tight fitting style skirt, pair it with a flowy top or tank.
-Since maxi-skirts can make you appear short I recommend  bringing some band-aids with you and strapping on those heels. They don't need to be anything fancy, simple nude or black would work fine. Just remember the #1 RULE to wearing heels. NEVER WEAR A PAIR OF HEELS THAT YOU AREN'T COMFORTABLE IN! If you feel like your going to trip then you probably will and nothing is worse than the feeling of public embarrassment

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